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Production Services at Sydney Props Photo Studios

Sydney Props Photo Studios has the full resources of Sydney Prop Specialists  to help you achieve the look you are after for your production. We can design and build sets, custom props and mechanical effects. We can produce large-scale scenic art and detailed set finishing to match location samples. We have experts in rigging to safely fly actors and set pieces, as well as highly trained staging crew who can be made available to you.

We also have an extensive collection of flats – rendered, wall-papered, vac-formed brickwork, as well as windows and doors, large theatrical set pieces and hundreds of painted backdrops.


Sydney Props Photo Studios has the resources in-house to meet your set design and construction needs. We can design and build sets with breakaway sections to facilitate shooting – and build for easy installs and strikes. Full carpentry, metalwork and electrical  is available through our onsite workshops. We can also assign a chippy to your production to facilitate structural modifications on the fly.

Our workshop artisans are highly trained set-finishers who can accurately match paint and finish to samples for continuity. They are also expert scenic artists who can create large painted backdrops, as well as sculpture and signage.

Sydney Props Photo Studios - Set Construction
Sydney Props Photo Studios - Set Dressing


Our in-house team of set dressers are highly trained in stage craft, are familiar with all our studios and have a comprehensive knowledge of the collection at Sydney Props. They are also trained props buyers – we can source anything we don’t have.

We also have workshops onsite, where we can quickly fabricate with little or no lead time. No other studio complex in Sydney has these features with access to one of the largest collections of props in Australia.


Props are available for hire. Ask for a quote. We also have flattage, drapes, fabrics, lights, furniture etc.
We also have staging crew and trucks available.

As part of your studio hire, we offer 50% off the prop hire rate. Exclusions do apply, including if additional crew is needed to move props or setup studio space (minimum charge is $150.00).

Sydney Props Photo Studios - Set Dressing and Props