Access to Props with Photographic Studio Hire

Sydney Props Photo Studios has the full resources of Sydney Props Specialists, including Access to Props, set design and construction, set dressing, staging, rigging and custom prop making.

Your studio hire gives you 50% off the usual prop hire rate. This includes flattage, painted backdrops, furniture and any props that are available at your time of shooting. Some exclusions apply for items being refinished or booked for continuity purposes.


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Sydney Props has many colourful theatrical props and large set pieces such as Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter, 50’s Gas Station, Vintage Circus, Arabian and many more.

Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props - Alice in Wonderland
Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props - Mexican


Sydney Props has hundreds of themes – we can install small vignettes, populate the studio space with a variety of small sets – or create an entire room in studio. Ranging from Fun and Fantasy, Movies and TV, Historical, Sport and many more.


There are several stand-out sets that we can create – Rustic Banquet is a sumptuous, detailed environment that looks great on camera. This can be installed as a corner vignette, or the entire studio area can be dressed for 360º shooting.

Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props - Rustic Banquet
Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props - Styled Props


Our set finishers are masters with paint and finish – they can style colour schemes and textures for your shoot. Our stylists can help you select items based on your requirements and manage them through the paint and aging process to get the look you are after.


Our set dressers are very familiar with Sydney Props vast collection – and we can source additional prop items, including smalls for food shoots and unusual items. Our workshop is always on call for set variations and we can assign a chippy to your production.

Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props
Sydney Props Photo Studios - Access to Props - Whimsical


Sydney Props has many whimsical props such as dragons, statues, hedgerows and mazes, giant bunnies and wooden soldiers, flowering trees and living walls. Many are on show at our warehouse – and many others are out on jobs. But we can always accommodate you – just speak to our sales people.

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